Q. What are the benefits of working with an Executive Virtual Assistant Service?

A. You are looking to focus on your own core skills and the key requirements of your business and your admin isn’t getting done or is taking up too much of your time.  You can get this support by outsourcing this work to me and at the same time know that in return you will receive a professional and confidential service from a career Executive Assistant.  An E-VA supports you and your business as and when you need it, requiring no provision or desk space, holiday or health benefits.

You only pay for the time you use and budget accordingly (compare this service to employing staff: a £35,000 per annum assistant costs the business at least £40,000, as well as the cost of renting/leasing premises, sick time, holiday…)

Here are some more questions that might help…

How will we meet?

I can meet you in person in the London area, or if that doesn’t work for you we can discuss other options such as a video call.

How will I be billed?

All work is batched up and billed in 1 or 15 minute increments.  Invoices are issued monthly in arrears and sent via email.

How do I know you will keep my information confidential?

A confidentiality clause is included in the contract I provide, and as an Executive Assistant maintaining confidentiality is a key issue I have honoured throughout my working life.

You can also view my privacy policy at: https://www.emmaherbert.com/faq/privacy-policy/

What if my business grows or scales back at short notice?

My services can flex with your business requirements, and work can be put on hold or terminated and then reinstated at a later date.

What happens if you are off sick or away for a period of time?

I work with other trained PA’s turned VA’s to provide back up support as required.  Work will only be passed to them with the client’s prior agreement, and I also work while away and I currently have a 100% track record for not taking time off due to illness!

Do I have to commit to monthly support?

No, PAYG services are available which can be used as and when your business requires support.

What can you do for me when I go on holiday?

When a client is on holiday I can step in as your ‘front of house’ and ensure all calls and emails are answered and handled, day to day operations continue seamlessly, and you get a break while everything is handled at the ‘office.’