My current clients are business owners, executives, managers, consultants, speakers, coaches, charities and entrepreneurs, all of whom are willing to provide references for my work.

I first started working with some of them over 20 years ago in different roles, and now work under my own name as my reputation is my personal brand and major asset. All of my clients would be more than happy to recommend my services and do so regularly!

“I am now working with a brilliant, capable, no nonsense admin angel, Emma Herbert. I appreciate and cherish her skill, reliability, persistence, boundless tracking ability, and good transatlantic humor. After many months of floundering hither and thither, I finally feel in capable hands again.”

‘Emma is a fantastically organised, resourceful and flexible professional who brings huge experience to her role. Whether its solving strategic challenges, designing or improving processes, or simply providing momentum and accountability to get things done, Emma is a person you want on your team. Beyond her wealth of business experience she brings an unwavering dedication to serving clients at the highest level. I'm very grateful to have Emma in our freelance team and continually impressed by her energy, enthusiasm and grit.’

“Emma is an outstanding executive assistant – I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has consistently shown herself to be reliable, thorough, responsive and client focused. She is able to handle many administrative and other assignments simultaneously and has consistently provided invaluable assistance to me and our firm. Emma is the most committed individual I know and takes enormous pride in her work. This is reflected in her delivering on her promises. There has never been an instance in over 14 years where I felt she has not given 100% effort in her role. Simply put, Emma delivers on her commitments. If you are fortunate enough to be her client I am confident that you will soon find her an invaluable aid. But more than this, Emma is a consummate professional and a great person to know and work with.”

“I can highly recommend Emma as a person to outsource any kind of project management or task based role.  She’s been an invaluable member of the team, incredibly professional, diligent and works to very high standards.”

‘Like many small business owners, there are times when workload fluctuates, or new assignments are required. This is when I’m grateful of Emma’s support and now regard her as an extension of the team. Clearly Emma has gained a vast amount of experience over the years, including working with various IT applications. In the past I would have spent hours learning news systems, instead I pass this to Emma, saving me valuable time and money. There are other tasks I could do but don’t enjoy and tend to put off, these too are the ones delegated. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if Emma would want to work on simple activities compared to her skill set, but her approach has always been she is there to help, no matter how small. However, for me Emma’s greatest attribute is her integrity, from the outset professionalism, confidentiality and compliance is integral in everything she does, which has given me the confidence to allow her access to every aspect of my business and why we have worked together since 2017.’

‘Emma has been my VA for over ten years. Totally reliable, on the ball, intelligent and helpful. Never takes on more than she can handle and always keeps me fully informed as to progress and results. Has provided me with invaluable support across numerous recurring projects which she just gets on with each month and reports back on the outcomes without any prompting from me. Also adept with ad-hoc extra projects as and when required. Reminds me of actions I have committed to take, especially when my tardiness means she cannot complete her tasks until I do my bit.  I try not to worry about what I would do if she ever left me!’